Credit Score: How long does it take to recover after a Foreclosure?

Are you wondering about how long it will take to get your credit score back up after a foreclosure?
Several factors are influencing your recover rate – but first of all it depends on your former credit.

Recent studies show that it takes the longer the better your credit score has been. While an average credit valuation could recover in about 3 years, it takes up to 6 or 7 years for a good one to get back to the top.
While this is a really frustrating fact for the credit user, it could be explained with an above-average “account tidiness” which is needed for a high credit score.

That means that a higher credit score shoud be maintained if possible in any way.
Missing payments is a bad idea once your credibility reached greater heights.


Credit Score Recovery: Conclusion

A high credit score is needed to go for the big things in life – a house, a great car, a long-distance journey.
So if you want to keep all these doors open you should pay back your credit rates in a constant and reliable way.
Have this in mind if you go for another credit.
Otherwise you could have a really tough (and long!) time to recover your credit score.

Credit & Insurance EditorCredit Score: How long does it take to recover after a Foreclosure?